Street Beets Sept. 5th, 2015: Mouse Melons, Millers By-Gone Farm and Vendor Map

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Street Beets Sept. 5th, 2015: Mouse Melons, Millers By-Gone Farm and Vendor Map

Are you ever shocked to find out what can be grown in Saskatchewan these days? I am, but maybe a more accurate word is “impressed”. I’m talking about things like peaches, okra and this mouse melon. The appropriate term is “Mexican sour gherkin”, but I find "mouse melon" much more intriguing. Why mouse melon? Because it looks like a rodent-sized watermelon, of course!

There are limited quantities of mouse melons available at Martha's Garden, so make sure you get there early tomorrow. Michelle might even give you a sample. If you miss out on the mouse melons this week, take the time to stop at Martha’s Garden anyway; you will find many varieties of vegetables that are completely unique to our Market. FYI - you can find okra at Rocky Acres Orchard!

Pam, from Millers By-Gone Farm, is one of those hard working, make-hay-while-the-sun-shines people of the Market. She's never too tired or too sore when there's work to be done, because farm-first is family-first. 

Support the family business and visit Pam at RFM. You will find a variety of quality products, such as: eggs, pork, lamb, jelly, and goats' milk soap, among others. Follow @millersbygonefarm on Instagram for a glimpse of authentic Saskatchewan farm life.

CLICK HERE to view the Vendor Map. We will have Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie and Crave for food trucks. You may find that vendors are not in their usual spots as a result of a smaller Market. Hi Low Angus, The Flour Shoppe and Millers By-Gone Farm are back. The Pupcake Bakery and Sweet Miracle are also in attendance. 

See you at Market!