Street Beets Sept. 9th, 2015: Cheang's Sinofood, Farm Eggs & Vendor Map

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Street Beets Sept. 9th, 2015: Cheang's Sinofood, Farm Eggs & Vendor Map

Cheang's Sinofood joined the RFM just this year, and is already known for having quality, homemade Chinese food. We new it would be good even without tasting, as Mr. Cheang's sister, Sunshine, is part owner of The Green Spot Cafe (home of Regina's best cinnamon buns).

When Mr. Cheang recognizes you, without fail he'll smile and wave as though you are a dear friend he hasn't seen in many years. Maybe you've just stopped to browse, or maybe you've purchased a package of dumplings once before, but it doesn't matter to Mr. Cheang; he is one of the friendliest vendors we've ever had.

Pictured here are rice noodles with corned beef, and siu mai (dumplings with shrimp and vegetables). Visit Cheang's Sinofood to see the full line of products.

"Do goats lay eggs?" might be something you've asked yourself if you've walked by the SalayView Farm goat cheese booth at RFM this summer. The answer is no, but you will indeed find eggs at a booth that has previously displayed only goat milk products. These eggs are something that we haven't seen at our market before, at least, not all together. The cartons are clear plastic, revealing multi-coloured chicken eggs. Varying shades of brown, off-white and green make them look like pale, egg-shaped jewels. Enough about how they look – farm eggs have the best flavour!

CLICK HERE for the Vendor Map. Food trucks will include Nacho Fiesta, Mr. Spudd's Poutinerie, Bon Burger, Crave, and Prairie Smoke. The Earthy Artisan, Bandana Girls Granola and Golden Prairie Wild Boar are in attendance. Tomorrow will be Rosie the Flower Truck's last Market of the year! 

See you at Market!