This Week At The RFM (Wed Aug 14, Thurs Aug 15 & Sat Aug 17)

This week you can find us on Wednesday, August 14 and Saturday, August 17 from 9 am to 1 pm. PLUS, visit us at Summer Evening Market on Thursday, August 15, from 4 to 9 pm (and EVERY Thursday evening until the end of August)!

What’s in season RIGHT now (and where can I find it)?
Customer Reward (August 14) – Baechu Kimchi
Summer Evening Market, featuring Ava Wild
Customer Reward (August 15) – Amber Rayne Bracelets and Design
Kerri...RFM Market Assistant Extraordinaire!
Customer Reward (August 17) – Cobblestone Farm

Click the dates below to visit our Market Calendar and see a Market Map complete list of scheduled vendors (updated the evening before market):

Wednesday, August 14 (9am-1pm)
Thursday, August 15 (4-9pm)
Saturday August 17 (9am-1pm)

What’s in season RIGHT now (and where can I find it)?

• Onions and garlic galore!– stock up now when they're in season and enjoy these flavour powerhouses in all of your winter stews, chilis, and soups!

• Fennel- this beautiful vegetable is actually a part of the carrot family! The fennel bulb has a mild liquorice flavour and can be eaten raw in salads, braised, grilled, or sauteed. The beauty pictured above was spotted at Heliotrope Organic Farm. Find them this week on Wednesday and Saturday!

• Corn- it still feels like summer out there but we saw some bright yellow cobs of this beautiful vegetable rolling in last Saturday! There will be an abundance of corn coming soon harkening the Fall. You don't have to wait--just make sure to head to Belle Plaine's booth EARLY this Saturday to get your hands on some of the first cobs of the season. Truly, you can't beat the taste of fresh locally grown sweet corn!

Plums- The colours and varieties of plums arriving each week are a true delight! Be sure to visit Kim's Fresh Fruit this week (on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday) to pick up some of these juicy beauties (along with some peaches, cherries, and apricots)!

Customer Reward (August 14) – Baechu Kimchi

In recent years the RFM’s international selection has grown to match the different cultures found in the city around us. Last year we were able to add a little Korean flair to the market in the form of kimchi. Baechu Kimchi, owned by Atidthan Sangsawang, has been getting market-goers acquainted with the Korean staple since 2018.

For those not in the know, kimchi is a probiotic fermented cabbage known for having a spicy kick. It is a staple of Korean cuisine and has hundreds of varieties. Baechu makes authentic Korean kimchi using the traditional process. Currently, they offer 3 varieties: original, vegan (no fish sauce), and extra spicy.

Pop by their booth and try a sample at your next market – or pick up some ready-to-eat at an evening market and add it to your food truck fare! Plus, if you’ve collected 20+ RFM Customer Reward punches, you can redeem them on Wednesday, August 14 for a jar of kimchi FOR FREE!

Only 3 Summer Evening Markets Remaining!

How can it be? There are only 3 Summer Evening Markets left on the calendar! Help us to make the most of the warm August evenings that remain and celebrate the market bounties that go along with them!

This Thursday, August 15 we're welcoming a Regina singer & songwriter who is making waves in the Canadian music scene. Ava Wild (pictured above) combines folk roots and acoustic pop with embellishments of jazz and old country. She'll bring us a couple of fabulous sets before the Regina Salseros take to the stage to lead us in salsa dancing from 7 to 9 pm! (Never tried salsa before? No problem... the Salseros always open with a salsa lesson that's perfect for brand new and experienced dancers alike!).

We'll miss Yoga in the Park as Zenhouse Productions won't make it out this week. Fear not, yogis! They'll be back to get bendy with us during the last two markets on August 22 and 29!

Here's what we've got coming up:

Aug 22 - Marentin Fehr (Saskatoon SK). An emerging singer-songwriter from small town Sask, Marentin's music ranges from dreamy acoustic numbers, to uplifting pop tunes and punchy indie rock.

Aug 29 - Marshall Burns (Regina SK). Well-known as a member of Rah Rah, Marshall will take to the Plaza Stage in his solo singer-songwriter form.


-Yoga in the Park with Zenhouse Productions (Aug 22 and 29 at 7pm)

-Salsa (and lessons!) with The Regina Salseros (Aug 15, 22, and 29 at 7pm)

-Locally crafted beer, wine, mead, and spirits to sample in our licensed area, sponsored by District Brewing Company; 

-Your favourite RFM vendors on hand with local produce, prepared foods, art, and craft!

Customer Reward (August 15) – Amber-Rayne Bracelets and Designs

If there were an award for "Nicest RFM Vendor" surely Jamie of Amber-Rayne Bracelets and Designs would be in the running. She may even take 'Nicest Human Ever" if that were a thing. She's often seen helping other vendors and the RFM staff and it seems to just be part of her kind disposition. She supports the Regina Farmers' Market in all kinds of ways!

As if that weren't enough, Jamie is also immensely creative and talented to boot. She started attending markets in 2016 with her beaded wrap bracelets and they have been a popular item amongst market go-ers. Since then she has added necklaces, anklets, other styles of bracelets to her offerings. Soon she'll be announcing a whole new line of "hippy" items that we're super excited about (but not allowed to tell you the detail of just yet...stay tuned!).

Jamie also teaches and she regularly holds sessions where you can design and assemble your own jewellery. If that sounds daunting--don't worry! Jamie will provide everything you need including her expertise to ensure you leave a piece you'll cherish! This Thursday, August 15 she'll be running a bracelet making session right at our Summer Evening Market starting at 4pm. For $15 you'll get to choose from THOUSANDS of beads to make your own unique piece. Plus, if you’ve collected 20+ RFM Customer Reward punches, you can redeem them on Thursday, August 15 for a new 4mm bracelet for half price! 

Kerri...RFM Market Assistant Extraordinaire!

Did you know that the farmers’ market doesn’t have an office? When we’re not at a market, nearly all our earthly possessions reside in this most tiny of storage sheds! 

Enter Kerri, RFM Market Assistant and packer extraordinaire! Without Kerri’s masterful spatial reasoning, there is no way we’d be able to squeeze our stuff into every square inch of our mini shed.

Also key is the fact that since starting with the RFM back in 2016, Kerri has almost NEVER missed a market. You’ll see her week in and week out, arriving at the crack of dawn and sticking around until all the heavy lifting (and packing) is done. We really don’t know what we’d do without her!

So this Saturday is a special one: Kerri has been training for months to participate in MS Bike. Instead of joining us at market, she’ll be biking 100 km (!!!!) to raise funds for multiple sclerosis.

While we’ll miss her this weekend, we’re exceptionally proud to call Kerri our coworker and friend! Be sure to pop by the RFM Info Booth at any market (excluding this Saturday) to pat her on the back and congratulate her on her awesome achievement! And if you’d like to support her in her efforts to end MS, go here!

Customer Reward (August 17) – Cobblestone Farm

With the acceptance of two British vendors this year, the RFM’s had a bit of a British invasion (and we’re loving it!). Joanna and Carl Shepherd of Cobblestone Farm have only been coming to market for a few months, but they’ve already become a fast favourite among market-goers.

Joanna and Carl moved to Canada in 2004 and spent 6 years in Manitoba before moving to Saskatchewan. Prompted by a desire to go back to the land and raise their own food, they jumped at the chance to buy an acreage near Imperial. On the acreage, they raise Berkshire pigs, a rare breed known for its unique flavour and deliciousness.

At Cobblestone’s booth, you can find familiar items like bacon, sausages, roasts, and ribs in addition to some British specialities like Cumberland Sausage and Gammon (an English cured ham). Chicken and duck eggs can also be found at their booth.

Stop by Cobblestone at your next market – look for their red tent and Union Jack flags! Plus, if you’ve collected 20+ RFM Customer Reward punches, you can redeem them on Saturday, August 17 for a free package of breakfast or Cumberland sausage - up to $10 value!

The Trial of Louis Riel

With an amazing run of 52 seasons under their belts, The Trial of Louis Riel is set to take to the Plaza Stage this Wednesday and Saturday during the RFM! The snippet of their performance is a recreation of Canada's most famous trial and will occur from 11am-noon. If you wish to learn more about the production or buy tickets you can visit their website here: