Top Customer Racelle Kooy: 40th Anniversary Celebration

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Top Customer Racelle Kooy: 40th Anniversary Celebration

Dorothy from Ponderosa Alpacas nominated Racelle Kooy as her Top Customer for our 40th Anniversary Celebration. I sat down with her last week to find out why she is an awesome customer.

Racelle has lived in Regina since July 2012. She said she found out about the Market as soon as she moved here. She follows us on Facebook and twitter. She did a full tour of the Regina Farmers' Market and that is when she met Dorothy. She feels Dorothy makes incredible products from her farm. She admires the start to finish work with their Alpaca products. We talked for a little bit about my own surprise at how alpaca products are baby soft, not like sheep's wool at all. How Dorothy's  designs are lacy and fine. Dorothy does fine crochet and knitting with the alpaca wool she raised, sheared from the animal, carded, spun into thread, and then designs into wearable items and household products. Racelle also buys her eggs from Dorothy. She raises free run chickens on the farm, her eggs are awesome!

Racelle is a well travelled lady, attending Markets in Ontario and Quebec. She loves our Market although they are different. I noticed she wore a beautiful beaded necklace. It is obvious this is a customer who appreciates items made by hand and with love.

I gave her an exclusive RFM Pin and Bag filled with products from the Market including some of Dorothy's eggs! I thanked her for her loyalty as a customer. I noticed as I took the picture there was a true warmth between Dorothy and Racelle, like they were long time friends. I could see why Dorothy had nominated her, they had a built a relationship. This is what our Market is all about. Thank you again Racelle! Ada