Vendor Spotlight: City Street Farms

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Vendor Spotlight: City Street Farms

Farming on a residential lot near you!

Candace and Miranda of City Street Farms have breathed fresh air into the market this season. From their always beautiful set-up at the market, to the lead they took in our "Fill the Fridge" program — giving customers the opportunity to fund market fresh vegetables for Regina's community fridges. 

As their name suggests, City Street Farms is an urban farming initiative. Candace and Miranda bonded over permaculture courses and shared beliefs about food as a human right, eventually coming together to form an action plan for how to use privately-owned front lawns and unused backyards to address food insecurity and contribute to urban food soveriegnty. 

Last spring, they put out a call for homeowners who were willing to enter a partnership, donating their yard for Candace and Miranda to convert to a vegetable garden. Candace and Miranda tend the gardens and the bounty from each yard is split between the homeowner, what City Street takes sells at RFM, and the Food Bank. 

Their project took off, with five homeowners signing up for this summer. As the summer progressed and they were able to show people what this idea really meant, the concept caught the attention of the community — from media outlets like the CBC to more willing yard owners than they can handle!

"I think it's beautiful to not only plant and know how to grow your own food and teach your kids to grow their own food, but also to show your community that it's all within our reach to take care of ourselves," Miranda said.

This weekend is their last market of the season — they'll have herbs, veggies, and their signature colourful cut flower bouquets. "The joy I get from bringing a bouquet of cut flowers to the market every week is just a pure hit of dopamine," Candace said. 

With less than one year in business and so much already accomplished, we can't wait to see what ideas this winter will perculate!