Vendor Spotlight: Prairie Bee Meadery

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Vendor Spotlight: Prairie Bee Meadery

Before Prairie Bee Meadery, there was Grandpa’s Garden!

Grandpa’s Garden was a U-pick farm opened by Dennis and Vickie near Caron, SK in 2012 that focused on growing sour cherries, strawberries, raspberries, haskap berries, and melons. 

The seed for a meadery was planted when they decided to get some bees to pollinate their orchards and got hooked! They began making honey and mead and sharing it with friends and family. After enough people told them to sell it commercially, in 2016 they decided to take the plunge and start Prairie Bee Meadery!

Prairie Bee Meadery today is owned and operated by two couples: Crystal and Gerard, and Vickie and Dennis. They no longer offer U-pick services but they continue to develop their orchard to source fruit for their mead!

What is mead? Get the explanation from an expert. Co-owner Crystal describes it as "any beverage made from fermented honey." Honey is the sugar that the yeast "eats" to create the alcohol!

Their mead ranges from classic to fruity to unique! One of their newer flavours is Bourbon Bochet which they describe as "Caramelized Saskatchewan honey fermented into a mead then aged in Bourbon barrels." 

From their storefront in Moose Jaw, to their orchards still near Caron, to our market in Regina — Prairie Bee is a diverse business! They offer tours and tastings out in the orchards and at their Grant Hall Hotel location in Moose Jaw.

And this holiday season they're bringing their tastings into Regina! Don't miss the upcoming Prairie Bee tastings at our 2021 holiday markets!