Jenny's Bow & Meow

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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Saturdays

Introducing Jenny of Jenny's Bow & Meow


Jenny is based in Regina and has been with the Regina Farmers’ Market since 1991. Her business began after she spent time taking care of her friend's dog. When the dog returned home, Jenny was told the dog wouldn’t eat! Jenny was very concerned and got to work trying out pet-friendly recipes. Her friend's dog loved Jenny’s whole-food recipes and was back to eating. Jenny continued building recipes for all of her friends' dogs and from there Jenny’s Bow and Meow was born. 


During Jenny’s 30+ years at the market she has loved watching the cycle of her customers who began as children buying treats for the family dog, evolve to the next generation of children learning the same market experience from their parents. Jenny's Bow & Meow has a large variety of pet treats made with high quality, whole ingredients, made without fillers, sodium, dyes, preservatives, nor additives, and also makes gluten-free treats for pets with sensitive stomachs. To keep your pets looking their best, Jenny also makes clothes, boots and collars for pets big and small. 


Best Known For: Cat + Dog Treats and Pet Accessories