Pure T Organics

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
outdoor - most Saturdays
indoor - most Saturdays

Did you know that it’s recommended that we eat ½ cup of pulses (dry peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas) three times a week? Pulses are plant protein powerhouses (try saying that three times fast) and bumping up our consumption of them improves nutrition by adding protein and fibre to our diets.


David and Hazel Tanner of Pure T Organics have been providing market-goers with certified organic pulses and flours since 2009. The Pure T Organics farm is located 10 miles west of Regina between Pense and Grand Coulee. Comprised of 600 acres and farmed by David and his son, they rotate between 12 varieties of grains and pulses, with green lentils and spring wheat being their two staples. They made the switch to organic in 1998 and became certified in 2001.





  • organic grains

  • organic pulses (lentils & peas)

  • organic flax seed

  • veggie burger mix

  • flour


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