Street Beets July 4th, 2015: Fruit, Contests, and Produce!

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Street Beets July 4th, 2015: Fruit, Contests, and Produce!

Gorgeous hothouse tomatoes from Belle Plaine Garden! They are as big as my hand! I was using these for tomato sandwiches with mayo, salt & pepper. Belle Plaine Colony is situated close to Moose Jaw with sandy soil. They have been a part of the Market for almost twenty years. Something I have always appreciated about them is the effort they put into their display. Their crop of potatoes is so good they sell them to a french fry company. They dome their rows which makes for a mini greenhouse effect and quicker vegetable supply on their tables. Visit Frankie and Martha every Saturday throughout the summer! Tasty!

Holy Batman people! We have had hundreds of you enter into our Market under the Stars Contest to win two sets of 6 Tasting Tickets. Check out the link here if you are interested in entering. I knew you loved this event, but I didn't know you thought it was this awesome! It is really nice to see. Thank you everyone! I have been keeping my iPhone plugged in as there has been so much Social Media activity the past day. I love it, so much fun. The Market under the Stars poster above shows the dates, times, location, and various activities planned for the event! Don't forget to enter into our Market Haul Contest as well, the rules are here!

Tomorrow is going to be an epic Market.Click here for the PDF version of the map. Many of you chose to stay indoors for Wednesday due to the air quality. If you come out tomorrow you'll get some amazing fruit from our longtime renters, Kim's BC Fruit. The City asked us to rent space to them as they were afraid someone would get into an accident running across the street from their selling permit space. 25 years later they are still with us. They own an orchard in Oliver, BC that several vendors from our Market have visited. They provide high quality fruit that we are not able to grow in Saskatchewan. They will have Rainier Cherries, Bing Cherries and Apricots tomorrow.

There has been a great deal of leafy greens for salad making at this time of year. Of course the baby potatoes, peas, tomatoes, chard, broccoli, and cauliflower are experiencing a surge of popularity as they are coming into season. Don't forget to buy your greens too, we have a huge crop of them this year. Let's not let them go to waste! I hope you have a great time at Market! Ada